A Legend of Zelda

It was near midnight after I worked a closing shift that I finished my second 100% play through of Breath of the Wild and I realized I needed to write this unofficial novelization. I had found the last korok, collected my giant golden poo, and defeated Ganon. Despite the time and an early shift the next day I couldn’t sleep. I had enjoyed the game so much I had to tell someone about it. My wife, a non-gamer, was asleep, as was everyone else I knew. The only person I could talk to was the notepad I found crammed in the bookshelf in our living room. I sat up till 4 a.m. writing a love letter/review of the game. The more I wrote, the more I wanted to write.

This novelization is the outgrowth of that first night of writing. In it I intend to tell not only the story told in BOTW, but also to show how the land of Hyrule changed from the events of Skyward Sword all the way through Breath of the Wild. I’ll also be uploading reviews and artwork as time allows.

I call this book “A Legend of Zelda” because the freedom Nintendo has given players to write their own story in Breath of the Wild. You could also call this “My Legend of Zelda.”

In the drop down menu you’ll see the story is divided into two  parts–the story sections, starting with the prologue and parts of the story, and a section called ‘Link’s Dreams.’

The dreams Link has come from the spirit orbs given to him the Sheikah Monks, and they are my attempt to explain some of the history of Hyrule before BOTW, as well as theories on how the land changed so dramatically from the time of Skyward Sword to Breath of the Wild. They are not necessary reads for the main story, but if you enjoy watching Zelda theories on youtube as I do, you might enjoy them.


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